Reasons to Be Repulsive

We humans are a terribly self-conscious bunch, bound by the shackles of social etiquette and governed by our need to fit in. As a child of rural Ireland, I was taught the following by teachers, clergy, childminders and my parents;

Picking your nose can cause brain damage.

Sweaty people are dirty and unhealthy.

Masturbation can make people cross-eyed.

Forgetting to put on knickers would certainly lead to a chill in your kidneys. (This was also true of sitting on a stone wall or step).

If you get too close to a swan, it will break your neck with its wing.

I gradually worked out that many of these theories are unfounded and have recently embarked on some research of my own. On nights where sleep evades me, I can be found lying awake, scanning scholarly articles and published studies on the actual benefits and risks of what are proposed to be ‘bad habits’. Also I work in the field of personal development and the pursuit of happiness and therefore have a natural curiosity about this kind of stuff. During my casual study, I was pleased to discover 5 good reasons to be rude.


Recent studies have produced evidence to support the hypothesis that ejaculating approximately 5 times a week improves prostate health. Also,it encourages new, healthy sperm production and is said to better sperm motility. Therefore, if a fellow wants to father some pure bred, A-list swimmers, it is recommended that they go about pleasing themselves regularly. Orgasm is also thought to reduce symptoms of hay fever which is great news for anyone plagued by this evil condition! Ladies who, like I, have had their vajayjays massacred by childbirth will know how boring and unappealing traditional pelvic floor exercise is. More good tidings- frequent orgasms are said to be very beneficial in strengthening one’s pelvic floor. Sex is often linked to UTIs and cystitis but many online articles state that masturbation helps to rid the cervix of unwanted bacteria via mucous secretion. (I know… ughhhhh). As high levels of oxytocin and dopamine are released at climax, masturbation may also be a healthy alternative to a drug high. Therefore mass masturbation is the ticket to a happy society!


I found this study really funny. Canadian researcher, Professor Scott Napper carried out a study to prove that picking your nose and eating it allows the body to digest germs in small and harmless amounts which in turn builds up our immunity to some of the bacteria present in our snot. Apparently, taking in bacteria this slowly is not going to harm us but will strengthen our defences. I do suspect that Professor Napper enjoys eating his snot more than the average Joe given that his penchant for bogeys led him to do a whole study on it.


We have been programmed to go straight to the underwear drawer every morning as the initial step in the clothing process. However, research suggests that liberating one’s testicles from tighty whiteys or indeed any incarcerating undergarments keeps them at the ideal temperature for sperm production. From a female perspective, it has been proposed that because a lady’s nether region boasts a warm and humid climate and in some cases (depending on grooming rituals) there is some foliage present, underwear can be suffocating and is linked to yeast infections. On a positive note, airing one’s undercarriage means no VPL and no risk of a wedgy. Win win!


If green tea and lemon juice are not your thing, breaking a sweat is a great alternative for getting rid of nasties in your system. Sweating can flush out alcohol, salt and cholesterol. By reducing levels of salt in the body through sweating, you reduce your risk of kidney stones and fight viruses and fungi. Also, sweating clears toxins out of the pores, keeping unwanted zits at bay.


I LOVE this! A study in the University of Exeter proposes that exposure to small amounts of hydrogen sulphide (i.e. the amount present in a smelly fart) may prevent mitochondria damage. Scientists supporting this research have suggested that this could help defend us against cancer, stroke, dementia and arthritis. Anyone with a dog should be feeling pretty elated right now.

These are the interesting, useless facts I have encountered so far during my insomnia fueled searches. So for optimum health, my advice is; a good snotty breakfast, sweaty workout, no knickers, lots of farting and if time and schedule allows a refreshing, cervix cleansing and sperm renewing ‘lamb shank’

Improve your health through masturbation, nose picking, sweating, going commando and farting! Ditch the fancy detox for a more fun approach to well being!!


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Reducing Belly Fat

One of the most common goals of individuals today is to be physically fit. This is essential in order to increase their performance and to improve their over-all health. However, there are numerous factors that hinder them from achieving their goals such as unhealthy food items and improper lifestyle. Apart from that, individuals also make mistakes when reducing belly fat. To know more, below is a list of belly fat reducing mistakes you have to avoid.

Improper exercise routines

One of the most common mistakes when reducing fat is opting for improper exercise routines. For instance, one reason why you cannot reduce belly fat even if you are regularly exercising is you are not training intensely. To burn excess fat, you have to use up more calories through exercise. The best way to deal with this issue is to look for trainers who can understand your goals and provide you with an effective exercise routine that can match your lifestyle.

You drink too much

The next thing that can affect your goal in reducing belly fat is drinking too much. When losing weight, it is imperative that you limit yourself or stop yourself from drinking sugary beverages such as sodas or energy drinks. Not to mention, make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water in order to stimulate your digestive system, which can help you get rid of excess fat easily.

Insufficient protein intake

Another mistake individuals make when cutting belly fat is taking insufficient protein. Protein is an important mineral that helps build and repair muscle tissue. Other than that, it also helps individuals cut down excess fat. This is possible since it increases satiety at meals, which can help you help you feel less hungry and therefore eat less throughout the day. In addition, protein is also a great fat-loss macro. So, make sure that you add high-protein food in your dietary plan to obtain better results.

Using ineffective equipment

As of now, there are new ways to reduce belly fat, which requires the use of innovative equipment. Of course, these machines are quite intimidating and may look effective. But, there are cases when these machines cannot deliver results. Therefore, the ideal way to choose belly fat reducing machines is to look for institutions that can provide you with realistic results. In this way, you are rest assured that the equipment can match your needs.


The Importance of Regular Physicals – Stay Healthy and Happy

Many often know they are due for a physical, but find themselves wondering, “Where can I get a physical exam near me?” There are likely many options, and a great place to start is with an online web search or by stopping into a local doctor’s office. Typically, the professionals there will be more than happy to help, or direct elsewhere depending on one’s specific needs.

Whether one thinks a yearly checkup is necessary or not, they can’t make things worse. This is especially true for those that consider themselves to be in good health and find no need to see a doctor. Sadly, about a third of American people who are living with a chronic disease were or are unaware of their health condition. It’s true that a chronic disease causes a large percentage of deaths that could have been avoided. The best prevention is to get a regular checkup.

Preventive care to avoid a chronic disease doesn’t only happen in the doctor’s office. In life, individuals should watch how they live, learn, exercise and work. Taking control of health care is only one step. Getting that yearly physical exam is crucial to staying in good health, and should be a necessary part of everyone’s routine.

As previously stated, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When going to the doctor of one’s choice every year to get an update on vitals, one will feel as though they’re in charge of their overall health as best as they can be.

A person’s height, weight, cholesterol level, blood sugar, and blood are typical things that a doctor will check during the physical exam. Any sudden spikes in blood pressure may warrant further tests and a plan for treatment can be put into place before things become worse.

An annual physical exam may include any or all of the following procedures:

  • A complete physical exam catered to the patient’s gender and age
  • EKG check for heart health
  • A skin screening for dermatological health
  • Examination of respiratory system
  • BMI tests
  • Lab tests, including a blood draw to check cholesterol levels
  • BMI (body mass index) testing
  • Screenings for cancer

It’s true that prevention is the key to cure, which is why one’s health care is so very important. Choose an office or provider that makes things comfortable and offers complete care and advice as to the recommended changes necessary to stay or become healthy.

One should expect their quality of life to improve drastically when they align with the right group of professionals. Skip the chances of having to treat a condition once it’s in full effect, and take the necessary steps to keep it from happening. Taking into consideration the patient’s current condition, family health history and goals a doctor can set up a plan and help put it in motion to improve one’s life and health overall.

Schedule an Exam

When ready to schedule an exam, call the choice office or stop in. get a date set on the calendar and then begin gathering any family health history to relay to the doctor at the appointment. They’ll need to know who’s in the family and who the patient lives with along with their ages and basic information. They’ll also need to know all of the patient’s medical history as well as that of their immediate family members.

Be sure to bring any insurance information if available so that the office knows who to bill. Other than that just being aware of the process and what to expect will have one completely prepared for their physical exam. Remember, regular checkups aren’t just for kids!


Benefits Of Skinny Wraps

Body contouring wraps, also called skinny wraps are growing in popularity throughout the world. There are so many benefits to using the skinny wraps, which are offered in beauty salons and as DIY home kits, enabling people to use them as and when they want or need to.

The first benefit you will find when using skinny wraps is that they also act as a detox. Your body is covered in the body contouring cream and then wrapped. In most instances you will do some exercise for the twenty minutes, whether you walk around, ride an exercise bicycle or a step machine, this releases the toxins from your today, detoxing your body and leaving it clean and ready to tackle the world.

Another benefit to using these products is that they cut the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is fatty deposits, which many women are embarrassed of. These can be caused by a number of factors, sometimes you notice the orange peel effect if you lose weight too quickly without a proper workout. Fighting cellulite is never an easy task and it is almost impossible to get rid of. With the skinny wrap, the cream contours, it tightens the skin and therefore hides the orange peel appearance, making your skin look and feel smooth and soft.

Further you will find that the skinny wrap works hard under the wrap to tighten and tone the skin. The cream removes toxins, acts as a moisturizer and replenish the body with minerals it needs. In turn, this helps to tone and tighten, which makes you feel better about yourself and your appearance moving forward.

These products not only make your body tighter, more toned and softer, but it will make you feel and look slimmer. The one thing that you need to know is that it is not a permanent solution and over time your body will return to its original size. Many people use skinny wrap home kits so that they can carry out the procedure once or twice a week to enjoy a longer lasting effect.

Finally, you will find that the skin is softened and hydrated, it will look and feel softer and make you feel more confident in your appearance each day.

When buying items such as skinny wraps it is important that you buy from a reputable supplier with a good reputation in the industry. Unfortunately not all the products are of the same quality and they do not all produce the same result. This is why you want to do your research to make sure that you only buy a quality product that you know you can trust.

Start by identifying what skinny wraps all your friends and family are using. If you know someone using these products, then you can find how they feel about the product, if it is working for them, then you have nothing to lose by investing in the same product.

If this doesn’t work, then you will want to turn to the internet and this can be a little trickier. Knowing the benefits of the product and how they work is one thing, finding the best product is a whole new ball game.

Research each company individually, you want to read through independent review sites and online forums to find the truth from customers that you can use to make your decision and make sure you make the results you are looking to do.

It is always advisable to choose a product that comes with a money back guarantee. In the event it doesn’t work, then you can return it. This will help you make your purchase with complete confidence moving forward.